Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not so Spring Break...

Well I have been on "Spring Break" since Tuesday. It's not so much a break since I have a midterm on Monday (the day I go back) over 16 chapters. Yesterday I refused to open any textbooks. I took Reece to the park before her afternoon nap and after everyone went to bed last night I began work on the cutest little dress for my little bug :) It is such a relief to be able to do something I love!!


  1. You LOVE to sew? Cute dress, how long does it take you to put this together? Do you ever sleep?

  2. I do now!! I don't do anything complicated! It only took about 30 min. The part that takes the longest is pinning and cutting out the pattern. Once I do a few more I think it will be much quicker. I try to choose patterns that are super easy and cute. I do sleep. I have to find some time to do something I like to do to stay sane!! I'm trying to think of ways to incorporate it all into my daily life but it's not quite possible right now. I am just glad that I have all these outlets and maybe some day it will take me somewhere :)